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Authors: General Choi Hong Hi
Encyclopedia Of TaeKwon-Do
- 15 Volume Set -

This one of a kind encyclopedia has 15 volumes consisting of 5,000 pages with 30,000 photos. The encyclopedia is the culmination of General Choi's lifelong research into Tae Kwon Do's history and development. This complete encyclopedia includes: Origins and the development of martial arts, the complete history of Tae Kwon Do, culture and philosophy, theory of power, attacking and blocking tools, vital spots, stances, hand and foot techniques, free fighting, fundamental exercises, step-by-step instructions to all the original 24 Tae Kwon Do forms. English version. 8th Edition 2008

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Taekwon-Do And I - Vols. 1 & 2
Plus Moral Guide Book
Written by the founder of TKD General Choi Hong-Hi in 2000. Volume 1 is the first part of this two volume life story of one of the greatest martial artists of all time. 601 pages filled with a facinating story of a man his country his history and his legacy. General Choi was controversial but yet compassionate but amongst all his character traits was his love and desire for Tae Kwon Do to become known world wide so that its benefits could be shared by us all.

Volume 2 - In this book General Choi Hong-Hi talks more about his development of TKD throughout the world and his goals for the art. He also talks about his love for Korea and how it should be United like TKD there is only one TKD he explains and the eveolution of WTF and ITF should somew day unite to propogate the benefits of TKD to its members. He was undoubtedly a special person and after rerading this book you too will understand what a fascinating individual he was. This book is a must read by all TKD practioners world wide.

Moral Guide Book is a book created by General Choi Hong Hi the founder of TKD. It is his collection of famous sayings by the greatest Oriental minds of Philosophy ever names like Lao Zhu, Sun Tzu, Confusious and many others of Chinese Japanese and Korean decent. Quotes like: Power must never be lent. Real happiness comes out of a hard life People in general do not see the other side of the coin, and many many more.

These books can be purchased as solo copies or as a set of 3
"Tae Kwon Do"
1965 Edition Reprint
- Original 1965 Edition is now a collectors item -
This is the original master text written by General Choi Hong Hi in 1965. The book is one of the most complete books ever written on this wonderful Korean art including chapters on all the kicking techniques as well as hand and throwing techniques of this the art the General named in 1955 including a brief history and just so much more.Out of print for more then 40 years it is now back in print for the first time. Featured in this text is one of the most skillful Tae Kwon Do Masters ever Master Jong Soo Park.
Condensed Encyclopedia Of TaeKwon-Do
General Choi Hong Hi,
Founder of Korean Art of Tae Kwon Do
- DVD -
The Founder Of Korean Art of Tae Kwon Do General Choi Hong Hi. The founder of Tae Kwon Do is featured in this comprehensive documentary done shortly before his passing. He talks in length about his youth, his vision for the future of Tae Kwon Do, and how, where and when it all started. No more rumours hear it from the General himself a man of extreme integrity and honor. He also will show you his morning workout and as well you will see him in this interview doing his hand conditioning and stretching routines. He later takes you on a tour of his own little museum and talks about his memorabilia that he has collected over the last 55 years. Also there is rare never before seen footage of the best Tae Kwon Do Masters ever caught in action. Training and demonstrating their art. You will see Grandmaster Park Jong Soo demonstrating with unbelievable skill, speed and power plus others show their own kicking drills. This rare footage was mostly shot in the 1960s but is full color and very very high quality.
85 minutes
Early Masters of Tae Kwon Do
- DVD -
A must for all Tae Kwon Do enthusiasts. See the founder General Choi, as well as many of the early Tae Kwon Do masters performing, doing forms, drills, self defense, breaking and much more. Plus Hapkido's famous 20 rare cane techniques, these rare , dynamic and explosive techniques are of value to all styles of martial arts. You will see performed all 25 patterns of Tae Kwon Do from Chon-Ji to Tong-II. Each pattern is performed, and then many of the self defense applications are taught by the master performing.
Approx. 77 minutes
"Tae Kwon-Do"
1972 Edition, known as the 'Bible' of Taekwon-Do
- This Edition is now a collectors item -
"Tae Kwon-Do"
1959 Edition, the first Taekwon-Do Book ever. This Edition is now a collectors item, but you can download it free, in PDF here
"1959 Demo Program"
The program for 1959 (1st ever) Taekwon-Do Demonstration that took place outside of Korea. This historic document is now a collectors item, but you can download it free, in PDF here