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Advanced Explosive Kicks
How to execute single kicks, complex kicks, sitting kicks and takedowns.
Taekwondo Kyorugi
Ch 1 - Taekwondo Competition, Ch 2 - Factors of Competition Ability, Ch 3 - Tactics, Ch 4 - Professional Kyorugi Training, Ch 5 - Training Program and Practical Application, Ch 6 - Physical Condition Training, Ch 7 - Physical Condition and Coordination Faculty, Ch 8 - Preparations for Competition, Ch 9 - Matters Related to Sports Medicine, Ch 10 - Competition Rules and Interpretation
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Taekwondo Kyorugi: La Competicion (Spanish Edition)
Taekwondo Kyorugi. La Competición Kyong Myong Lee, Santos Berrocal Domínguez Esta obra nos presenta los Kyorugi, que junto con los Pumses y los Kyokpa son los tres elementos básicos del Taekwondo. La extraordinaria evolución del Kyorugi ha supuesto la conversión del Taekwondo de arte marcial a deporte. Este libro es una est
Effective Taekwon-Do Sparring
Written specifically for club-level martial artists, this guide bridges the gap between the wider Taekwon-Do syllabus and the particular demands of sparring. The fundamentals of stance, movement, and defense are analyzed in detail and significantly adapted for the sparring arena while core attacking techniques are reviewed and, if necessary, modified in order to improve their effectiveness in typical sparring scenarios. Additionally, basic elements of sparring strategy such as assessing opponents, creating openings, effective combinations, and counter-attacks are examined.
Taekwondo Techniques and Tactics
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art practiced all over the world. Its popularity stems from many reasons. Virtually everyone who is involved with this art agrees that it is an outstanding way to improve physical fitness, mental focus, and self-discipline. Children who study taekwondo often exhibit greater motivation and increased self-esteem. Besides these benefits, participants can train for competition and learn effective self-defense techniques.The authors have chosen 38 of taekwondo's most effective breakfalls, stances, strikes, kicks, blocks, and steps. Each of these, singly and in combination, is described and illustrated with clear language and photos. The book serves well as a companion to formal instruction or as a stand-alone text.In "Taekwondo Techniques & Tactics" you'll learn: - the proper way to stretch, - how conditioning will improve your performance, and- foolproof strategies for defeating your opponent in the ring. Novices will have no trouble recognizing how to perform techniques. The chapters on the origins, traditions, and language of taekwondo provide a good introduction to the art, including advice on getting started and choosing an instructor. Experienced students will appreciate the level of detail and the tips for improving their techniques. They'll also appreciate the chapters on tactics, conditioning, and preparing for competition.Sidebars on self-defense point out adaptations for effective street defense, whenever these differ from competition techniques or tactics. Advice on competition and tactics is especially strong since both authors were champion competitors. Seabourne is a two-time Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and Pan-American champion and a silver medalist in the World Taekwondo Championships. Park is an undefeated former Korean national champion who moved to America to coach the U.S. National Team.
Tae kwon Do Free Fighting: Dynamic strategic principles, movements and techniques
Complete Kicking: The Ultimate Guide to Kicks for Martial Arts Self-Defense & Combat Sports
Taekwondo Kyorugi: Olympic Style Sparring
Helps you to learn the skills, drills, strategies and methods used by Korean coaches and competitors for years. This title includes footwork, kicks, hand target drills, heavy bag workouts, coaching, combinations, strategy, professional training, opponent analysis, conditioning, weight control, competition tips, official Olympic rules, and more.
Starting in Taekwondo Training for Competition and Self-defense
The techniques are organized just like a workout session. Start with preparation, conditioning, and weight-room workout. Go on to the basic stances, the seven principal kicking techniques, hand punches and blocks, and to other strategies and applications. The most important aspect of training--the psychological component--shows how to keep yourself motivated.