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Books on how to pummell boards and bricks with your bare hands & feet
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Iron Hand of the Dragons Touch: Secrets of Breaking Power
Bones or boards, you want to shatter your targets - without maiming yourself. Only mastering the iron hand will give you the strength and precision to break with confidence. Discover the mystique surrounding the power of breaking skills and put that same awesome force into your hands and feet
The Dynamic Art of Breaking
Board Breaking 101: Awesome Power Series
Board Breaking 101-Awesome Power Series, is unique, providing information and secrets that have never been made public outside of a legitimate martial arts school! This easy to read book is a MUST for all martial arts instructors, students, and enthusiasts. You will receive professional advice from Sr. Grandmaster Edward B. Sell, an American Living Legend and 50-year veteran of one of the world's most powerful martial arts systems in the world, Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan. Sr. Grandmaster Sell is known world-wide for his Awesome Power techniques.
Brick & Concrete Breaking: Exposing the Secrets - Awesome Power Series
In 1947, 5-year old Edward B. Sell watched a TV show called, YOU ASKED FOR IT and saw a man break a brick in half with his bare hand. He had just experienced getting beat up by neighborhood bullies. Hope and vision consumed him as he declared, "Someday, I'm going to break bricks too!"63 years later, he was declared America's Taekwondo Living Legend and has captivated audiences all over the world with his gift for advanced concrete and brick breaking abilities known worldwide! Today, he is sharing those "secrets" with others. Sr. Grandmaster Sell's desire to preserve the science of breaking by documenting the "secrets" of his career to benefit martial artists who desire to know the real facts. This book is the second in his Awesome Power Series. The first book: Board Breaking 101 is available in print or eBook at or Amazon. In this book you will discover: The fascination of breaking things Breaking Materials: Concrete slabs vs. Bricks My Formula for Breaking 13 Cardinal Rules for Heavy Breaking Managing the Hesitation Factor The 3 Stages of Discipline SECRETS of Breaking Concrete SECRETS of Breaking House Bricks 5 Most Common Breaking Techniques 4 Methods of Impact 5 Critical Rules for Breaking Bricks 8 Reasons For Failed Concrete Slab Breaks The Perfect Concrete Break Reasons For House Brick Failures Sr. Grandmaster Sell does not claim this book to be a "How-to Book"; but a "how it is done right book".