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Taekwondo: The Complete Course
The Techniques Of Taekwon-Do
Jimmy Too has devoted more than a decade to Taekwon-Do, the art in which he excels and loves. One of the few 4th degree holders in the region his dedication to Taekwon-Do is greatly admired by exponents of other martial arts. He was one of the co-founders of the United Taekwon-Do group, which is presently affiliated to the International Taekwon-Do Federation of General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of the movement. Jimmy Too holds the International Instructor's Certificate and the International Class A Umpire's Certificate which qualifies him to referee in international matches.... This rare book contains 276 pages of detailed black & white photographs, and diagrams of stances, moves, patterns, sparring, breaking techniques and self defence techniques. excellent detailed guide for the serious student of Taekwon-Do.
Taekwon-Do Beginners Training Manual
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Taekwon-do: the Way to Success
Available as a single book or split into two editions
Changheon-yu Taekwondo: Foundation Syllabus (Volume 1)
Changheon-yu Taekwondo is the style of Taekwondo practised by the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF). This handbook will assist you with the forms you need to learn as a grade (colour belt) student of Changheon-yu Taekwondo: Tenth Grade - Saju Jirugi, Ninth Grade - Chonji, Eighth Grade - Dan-gun, Seventh Grade - Dosan, Sixth Grade - Wonhyo, Fifth Grade - Yulgok, Fourth Grade - Junggun, Third Grade - Toigye, Second Grade - Hwarang, First Grade - Chungmu.  The movements for each form are written out in detail, and an extended interpretation of each form is given. It also gives you the Korean vocabulary relevant to each grade. This handbook has not been written for any one association, so it can be read by a student of any Changheon-yu Taekwondo association or school.

Jukam-yu Taekwondo: Foundation Syllabus: 2
Jukam-yu Taekwondo is the style of Taekwondo practised by the Global Taekwondo Federation (GTF). This handbook will assist you with the forms you need to learn as a grade (colour belt) student of Jukam-yu Taekwondo: Tenth Grade - Saju Jirugi, Ninth Grade - Chonji, Eighth Grade - Dan-gun (Choi), Seventh Grade - Dosan, Jisang, Sixth Grade - Wonhyo, Fifth Grade - Yulgok, Dan-gun (Bak), Fourth Grade - Junggun, Third Grade - Toigye, Jigu, Second Grade - Hwarang, First Grade - Chungmu. The movements for each form are written out in detail, and an extended interpretation of each form is given. It also gives you the Korean vocabulary relevant to each grade. This handbook has not been written for any one association, so it can be read by a student of any Jukam-yu Taekwondo association or school.
"Tae Kwon Do"
1965 Edition Reprint
- Original 1965 Edition is now a collectors item -
This is the original master text written by General Choi Hong Hi in 1965. The book is one of the most complete books ever written on this wonderful Korean art including chapters on all the kicking techniques as well as hand and throwing techniques of this the art the General named in 1955 including a brief history and just so much more.Out of print for more then 40 years it is now back in print for the first time. Featured in this text is one of the most skillful Tae Kwon Do Masters ever Master Jong Soo Park.
Condensed Encyclopedia Of TaeKwon-Do
"Tae Kwon-Do"
1972 Edition, known as the 'Bible' of Taekwon-Do
- This Edition is now a collectors item -
Tae Kwon-Do
Taekwon-do. Basic of traditional training
This interesting book is a real aid for all Taekwon-Do students regardless of their level of advancement. It will help the beginners to understand what the essence of the training is and what happens in the dojang. This item contains theory up to I Dan. The richly illustrated book has examples of arranged sparring and patterns from Saju-Jirugi for the beginners to Choong-Moo for those more advanced. Every move from each pattern is photographed and described with additional sketches of foot arrangements between movements. In addition, you can find information about the current system of sports competitions (with new weight categories) and current examination requirements for the subsequent student training levels.

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Taekwon-Do: From White Belt to Yellow Belt
The Art of TaeKwon-Do ITF

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Encyclopedia Of TaeKwon-Do
- 15 Volume Set -

This one of a kind encyclopedia has 15 volumes consisting of 5,000 pages with 30,000 photos. The encyclopedia is the culmination of General Choi's lifelong research into Tae Kwon Do's history and development. This complete encyclopedia includes: Origins and the development of martial arts, the complete history of Tae Kwon Do, culture and philosophy, theory of power, attacking and blocking tools, vital spots, stances, hand and foot techniques, free fighting, fundamental exercises, step-by-step instructions to all the original 24 Tae Kwon Do forms. English version. 8th Edition 2008

Note: Though this volume of books is available on Amazon etc. the latest (and brand new versions) can be found on the 'Taekwondo Times' web site - Click this link to go there
Taekwon-Do: From White Belt to Yellow Belt.
A Full-colour Guide to Mastering the Korean Martial Art

Though its origins go back to ancient times in China and India, Taekwon-Do as we know it today was initiated by the Korean General Hong-Hi Choi who led the way in Korea to develop martial arts generally in a modern style. Taekwon-Do offers both mental and physical benefits and appeals to people of all ages as well as all abilities. It helps develop strength, flexibility and endurance and helps to concentrate the mind and focus on what you do. In fact, one of the tenets of Taekwon-Do is that you should finish whatever task you start be it great or small. Taekwon-Do aims to explain the background to the subject and show readers the basic movements which will lead the beginner through the first steps of Taekwon-Do towards the first coloured belt - that of yellow. Illustrated with approximately 400 colour photographs shown in step-by-step sequences, this book will prove an invaluable aid to those beginning Taekwon-Do.

Note: This book seems to have different covers in the UK & the USA
Black Belt Handbook
This is the 6th edition (2014) of the iTKD Black Belt Techniques handbook. Master Paul McPhail with the assistance of Mr Mark Banicevich and members of the iTKD Technical Advisor Group wrote this manual as guideline for dan gradings. It lists all techniques that should be known by the student at each belt level. The handbook also includes information on scoring for gradings, the fitness test, and the of responsibilities of black belts. This handbook contains 60 pages printed on quality gloss art paper. It is a must for all members from black stripe and above.

Note: This books is only available directly here:
Taekwon-Do: The Complete Syllabus & Grading Manual
The Lethal Art of Taekwon-Do
In this detailed study of warrior philosophy, and technical proficiency, Dr. Shane has exposed the connections between, Eastern philosophy, and the physical movements of the martial artist. This book explores in detail not only the role of the martial artist in today's society, but also the ultimate goal of martial art training, that of connecting the forces of the planet and the spirit, with those of the human body to create a deadly weapon. By enlisting some of the foremost martial artists in the practical application of lethal technique, Dr. Shane has also provided many techniques through ample photographs, that can be practiced and added to any advanced practitioner's arsenal. This book is a must for those interested in the real, practical, and ultimately lethal aspects of martial art training, all while making the critical link to the moral underpinnings, both western and eastern that represent "The Do"
TaeKwonDo - White to Black Belt: Your Ultimate Grading and Reference Summary Guide
White to Black Belt Training; How to develop Speed and Strength; Grading requirements at each level; Essential Code of Conduct and Top Tips; Theory + meanings; Practical and floor work requirements; Korean terminology; Patterns - step-by-step written guide. This book has been developed with the input of Instructors, Referees, and high level black belts with a combined experience of over 100 years. All designed to answer the most common questions and make it easy for you to improve your training and reach for Black Belt when you are ready.
Presentatie/reservering Taekwon-Do boek,
de Weg naar succes deel 1, 2, 3 en 4
Auteurs Sabum Paul van Beersum en Sabum Willem Jansen zijn de afgelopen 5 jaar bezig geweest om een opvolger te maken van het Taekwon-Do basisboek de Weg naar succes (2009). Dit basisboek oogstte nationaal en de Engelse vertaling internationaal veel lof. Beide internationaal erkende instructeurs en 1ste graad bewegingsdeskundigen in pedagogisch perspectief hebben het initiatief genomen om de opgedane kennis en ervaring te laten neerdalen in een tweede boek. De afgelopen 5 jaar hebben zij, met hulp van hun leerlingen, mede-dojanghouders en zelfs een aantal Europees en Wereldkampioenen, drie nieuwe delen vervolmaakt. Waar het Basisboek, voor het eerst op uitgebreide wijze en in het Nederlands, de basis legde voor de oefenstof die nodig is voor het 1e danexamen, gaan de drie nieuwe delen oa. in op de oefenstof voor respectievelijk de 2e, 3e en 4e dan en meer! Hieronder vindt u een korte samenvatting van de inhoud van elk boek.
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