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Tae Kwon Do Books For (or Teaching/Training) Kids
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Monsters Do Not Know Tae Kwon Do
Every child knows that monsters can be trouble, especially at night. They hide in all kinds of places, like a closet, under a bed, even a sock drawer! Monsters also come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are hairy or slimy. Some even have spikes or long tails.  However, not many kids realize that monsters do not know Tae Kwon Do. In fact, a child trained in Tae Kwon Do might even scare a monster! In this confidence-boosting story, you'll learn the secret to keeping monsters out of your room!
Taekwondo Kids: From White Belt to Yellow/Green Belt
Taekwondo Kids, 2nd Ed provides you with the first practical guide to Taekwondo and has been specially written with children and youths in mind. The book uses simple, easily understood language and numerous appropriate illustrations suitable for children and youths, all the exercises can be carried out or practiced further without any difficulty.
Peace Comes to Ajani
Ajani is suffering in the wake of his soldier-father's death and he is on his way to becoming a bully. But, with the help of his caring mother and wise, understanding neighbors, he instead becomes a strong, centered and useful member of his community. Through the practice of martial arts, Ajani learns to take responsibility for his feelings and actions, and he helps to defuse tensions between his African-American and Asian-American neighbors.
Young Samurai
In this cartoon story a young mouse decides to learn self-defense after being picked on by a group of unruly rats. As his wise martial arts teacher leads him through his lessons the young mouse learns much more than just self-defense, he learns the lessons of life. A bonus section shows the reader basic Taekwondo skills.
Tae Kwon Do for kids
Taekwondo: a Guide book for Kids and Adults
This is a children's picture book to Tae Kwon Do. A guide book for children and adults who want to get an understanding what the Korean martial art is about. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that has diffrent color belts and they have different meanings. So what belt would you like to earn? To reach a ninth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, it will take you your whole life.
Tae Kwon Do Dinosaurs: How Dinosaurs Train to Get Their Black Belts
Tae Kwon Do!
(Step into Reading)

We’re off to Tae Kwon Do class, where we’ll learn to kick, spin, box, jump, and even break a board! We’ll also have fun in this simple Step 1 book. Perfect for kids who are both learning to read and learning Tae Kwon Do or another martial art.
Peace Comes To Ajani 2: Culture Clash
A new school year begins and Ajani and Sonny find themselves in the middle of cultural misunderstandings. A new group of immigrants move into the city of Cunningham from the Dominican Republic. Language barriers and cultural differences cause a huge problem between them and the African American students in town. Meanwhile Sonny’s father is enraged because a Japanese businessman is trying to open a restaurant nearby. But the Japanese businessman’s family history is tied into the Kims’ and there is bad blood between them. Ajani and Sonny find themselves racing around the city trying to keep Cunningham from exploding into cultural chaos!
JoJo's Flying Sidekick
When Master Kim announces JoJo is ready to take the test for her yellow belt, butterflies start fluttering in her stomach. JoJo loves Tae Kwon Do, but can she really do a perfect flying side kick and break a board in two? Her family and friends offer all sorts of advice: "Do a little shuffle to chase the jitters away," says Grandaddy. "Yell 'KIAH!' at the top of your lungs," P.J. advises. "Why don't you visualize your technique?" Mom suggests. But how can JoJo ever hope to succeed when she's still afraid of the creepy bandit tree outside her bedroom window? JoJo needs to find a way to turn her fears into success, and she soon realizes there's only one person who can help her do that -- herself.
Empower Your Kids To Be Safe
TAll children deserve to live safe, confident and empowered lives free from unnecessary fear and worry.

This book shares what parents need to know to teach their kids how to be safe from predatory violence. It dispels the most common myths and beliefs around self protection for kids and delivers relevant, updated, highly effective information and strategies which are easy to understand, learn and remember. Most importantly, it does so without the fear mongering and scare tactics which do nothing to improve children’s safety or quality of life. This book will empower kids with the skills and confidence to stay safe, as well as give parents a greater peace of mind. This unique and comprehensive information will empower your children with vital safety skills, including: Understanding the fundamentals of self protection for children in a way that does not frighten, but instead empowers them, Dispelling the common myths around self defence and self protection for kids, particularly the outdated and ineffective ‘Stranger Danger’ message, Realistic and easy strategies to recognise dangerous situations and how to take action to avoid or escape them, The 12 most common behavioural ‘lures’ used by child sexual predators. This information is absolutely crucial for all parents and children alike to know, How to become a ‘hard target’ and how to de-escalate dangerous situations to allow for escape, including how to deal with threats of violence, Understanding and developing ‘Body Sovereignty’, Personal Boundaries, and other important concepts for protecting children’s right to be safe from victimisation, Online Safety – Highly relevant and up-to-date information to help keep children safe online
Effective physical self defence strategies which work against a larger and stronger attacker to enable the child to escape to safety, Easy frameworks to use to teach these concepts to your children, And a lot more! This book is a ‘must have’ for all parents committed to keeping their kids safe and empowered!
Techniques Handbook FOR KIDS
Standard Techniques Handbook has been simplified and presented in a new format, making it easy for the children to read and follow. It is designed for children up to the age of about ten. Full of photographs and pictures, this simplfied version of the handbook makes the learning of theory easy and fun for kids. It contains 36 pages.
Mini-Kids Workbook
This workbook accompanies the iTKD Mini-kids programme designed by Auckland Instructor Mrs Shirley Pygott. The children are not taught a ‘watered down’ version of Taekwon-Do; rather they are taught the same techniques and skills that older children and adults learn in the ITKD grading syllabus, in a carefully sequenced order, that is appropriate for their stage of physical and mental development. A4 size full colour booklet – 16 pages. NEW EDITION – INCLUDES UP TO 8th GUP – 24 PAGES.
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Diary of a Taekwondo Master
Marcus is a math whiz who is not good at sports. But his dad, a self-help author, is convinced otherwise. He believes that Marcus can achieve anything he sets his mind to—with hilarious results. Flint's gentle, satiric humor and comic drawings will have readers laughing out loud while learning a surprising amount about taekwondo.
Tae Kwon Do man On Building Self Confidence
At the age of twelve, Joey was a shy boy who preferred doing things alone rather than interacting with others. His parents were very concerned about their only child. He was growing up so quickly, but without the social skills that would be so important for him when he entered high school and college. They tried everything that they could think of to get him interested in meeting other kids and spending time with them. But nothing seemed to work. Until one day, when his mom came across an ad in the yellow pages about self defense classes. Signing Joey up for the martial arts completely changed his way of life. Over his years in Tae Kwon Do, he transformed from a timid, bashful introvert into a gregarious, self confident young man, eager to accept and face the challenges before him.