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Taekwondo: Defense Against Weapons
Master Kim Bok Man is one of the most recognized authorities of Taekwondo in the world. He is a founder of the current Taekwondo curriculums used by the many international Taekwondo organizations. Originally published in 1979, this book provides defence techniques taught to military, law enforcement and black belts. This revised soft cover edition provides beginners a chance to see the application of their training in actual weapon defences. For advanced students, it provides techniques and fundamental training that has been field tested since the inception of the art in the 1950 s. Chapters include: history, solo pattern training, fundamental training, extensive kicking training, sparring and throwing, and defences against a variety of weapons. This book catalogs the essence of the art of Taekwondo as it was originally intended.

The original (printed in 1979 - see cover to the right) is now a collectors item)
Dead or Alive: The Definitive Self-Protection Handbook
One of the few real self-protection guides on the market today, this book will teach you first and foremost how to avoid violent situations. But should you find yourself in one, it will also show you how to control yourself and your emotions so you can function on a physical level to defend yourself.

Please note: Whilst this is not a Tae Kwon Do book per se, when it comes to Self Protection, its a 'must have' book!
Fighting Back: Taekwondo for Women
Introduces basic techniques, sparring routines, and practical applications, and shows how women can defend themselves.
Vital Point Strikes: The Art & Science of Striking Vital Targets for Self-Defense and Combat Sports: The Art and Science of Striking Vital Targets for Self-Defense and Combat Sports
This is a guide to pressure point striking for the average martial artist. Sang H Kim demystifies the lore of vital point striking and shows you realistic applications of vital point strikes for self-defense and combat sports. For those new to the concept of vital points, he begins by examining the Eastern theory of acupoints, meridians and ki (qi) and the Western scientific concepts of the nervous and circulatory systems, pain threshold and pain tolerance, and the relationship between pain and fear. This synthesis of accepted Eastern and Western theories helps the reader understand what makes vital point striking work and why it can be not only useful in fighting, but deadly. Based on this introduction, you will learn about 202 vital points for use in fighting including the name, point number, location, involved nerves and blood vessels, applicable techniques, sample applications, and potential results for each point.The points are illustrated in detail on an anatomically correct human model, with English, Chinese, and Korean names as well as point numbers for easy reference. In addition to identifying the vital points, Sang H.Kim gives you detailed information about the type of techniques that work for vital point striking including a discussion of fighting zones and ranges, plexus strikes, stance and footwork, bodily weapons, striking directions and angles and dozens of applications for common empty hand, grappling, groundfighting, knife and gun attacks. Based on over thirty years experience in the martial arts and in-depth research, Sang H. Kim has created one of the most complete books available on the art and science of vital point striking.
Combative Elbow Strikes: A Guide to Strikes, Blocks, Locks, and Take Downs

Combative Elbow Strikes: A Guide to Strikes, Blocks, Locks, and Take Downs is an in-depth analysis of the practical applications for five of the most common elbow strikes found in the martial arts. While conventional wisdom holds that an elbow strike is simply a technique used for close-range striking, Jeff W. Rosser asserts that the movements used in executing these elbow strikes are highly versatile and applicable to a wide range of situations. In this book, Rosser demonstrates how an elbow strike can be used for executing blocks, joint locks, throws, take downs, chokes, pins, traps, releases, and ground fighting in addition to striking. Illustrated with over 250 photographs, Combative Elbow Strikes presents more than 50 elbow strike applications in stand-up and ground fighting scenarios. Instruction on how to generate power and execute the elbow strikes efficiently and effectively ensures that you will get the most out of every technique.
Complete one-step fighting: Prelude to sparring
The Complete One & Three Step Sparring
Learning proper one and three step sparring provides the foundations for excelling in self-defense and free sparring for all martial artists. Numerous techniques against weapons such as knives, guns, sticks and baseball bats are featured.
Taekwondo Self-Defense: Taekwondo Hoshinsool
Presents the self-defence techniques that blend Taekwondo kicking, blocking and striking skills with locks, throws and takedowns drawn from other Korean self-defence arts. This title helps you learn how to use your Taekwondo skills to defend against various common empty hand attacks including holds, locks, chokes, punches, kicks and pins.
Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do Hosinsul
Self Defence Techniques from Ch'ang hon (ITF) Taekwon-Do

Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do Hosinsul brings the advanced area of hosinsul training combining the original concept of hosinsul with the modern HAOV (Habitual Acts of Violence) list, which is a list of the most common street attacks that happen, in the real world, today. Using this book as a guide, instructors, students and Taekwon-Do schools alike, are now able to either implement or enhance this essential area of training and make it more productive and applicable to today's modern world.

Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do Hosinsul details how Hosinsul differs from other areas of training (such as 1 Step Sparring), gives ideas on how to practice and train to make Hosinsul as functional as possible and goes on to provide over 180 detailed defences against over 40 of the most common street attacks as taken from the HAOV list and more; including defences against strikes, kicks, grabs, bearhugs, armlocks, chokes, take downs, headbutts and others.
This book provides a valuable resource for defences against attacks that are very rarely taught in mainstream Taekwon-Do Dojangs as they are considered 'unorthodox', but these are the very attacks you need to be prepared for in the real world as they are most likely to be used by an attacker that is not formally trained in a martial art. Virtually all the defences in this book come directly from the Ch'ang Hon (ITF) system of Taekwon-Do itself, thereby negating the need to teach other martial arts to fill the important area of self defence, in turn, helping all Taekwon-Do schools to ensure that they teach a fully rounded martial art, as Taekwon-Do was meant to be.

"These techniques are not only the most interesting in Taekwon-Do, but also the most advanced"

- General Choi Hong Hi