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A selection of books covering area's of training applicable to all styles of TKD
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Boxing Basics for Martial Arts
Exactly as it says on the cover - The basics of boxing for martial artists!
Taekwondo: Traditional Art and Modern Sport
Gives detailed instruction in the fundamentals of stance, kicking, puching, blocking and breaking, and advice on the more advanced techniques of combinations, counters and patterns. The book also contains sections on contest taekwondo, self-defence and designing a fitness-training programme.
Tae Kwon Do: The Essential Guide to Mastering the Art
Illustrated throughout, this guide provides comprehensive information on the history, philosophy, practice and purpose in modern-day society of the Korean martial art taekwondo. Beginners will find details on how to find the correct teacher, as well as explanations of etiquette, terminology and the long-term benefits of this ancient martial art. The book emphasizes the positive transformational influences of taekwondo - it makes people into better human beings by uniting body and mind, and helps taekwondo students attain confidence as well as a state of physical and mental well-being. Stances, punching, blocking and kicking techniques are depicted in colour step-by-step sequences. Close-ups and illustrations focus on key elements.
The Complete Masters Kick & Masters Jumping Kick
The Complete One & Three Step Sparring
Learning proper one and three step sparring provides the foundations for excelling in self-defense and free sparring for all martial artists. Numerous techniques against weapons such as knives, guns, sticks and baseball bats are featured.
The Complete Martial Artist Vols 1 & 2 Volume 1 covers the training aspects of tae kwon do while the Volume 2 covers the fighting aspects. World renowned tae kwon do master Hee Il Cho shows you the skills necessary to develop physically, mentally and spiritually through a new scientific approach.
Taekwondo: Building on the Basics
Taekwondo The Simpkins show the many ways to improve the fundamentals of Taekwondo, extend them with multiple variations, and add new skills to extend possibilities. Practitioners are encouraged to stretch themselves intellectually as well as physically, with skill drills, photographs, and tips throughout.
Tae Kwon Do
Complete one-step fighting: Prelude to sparring
Taekwondo: A Technical Manual
In Taekwondo: A Technical Manual, renowned Master Gilles Savoie presents the art and science of the popular martial art, showing practitioners how to optimize both body and spirit. While other taekwondo books simply document traditional forms andexercises, this one goes further, providing an in-depth look at the body mechanics and physics of taekwondo movements. Armed with this information, says Master Savoie, the practitioner can improve control, optimize speed, increase power, and maintain balance. The book details the author’s innovative “hip propel” technique, designed to utilize the parts of the body as a four-lever system able to efficiently displace weight and create force. Taekwondo: A Technical Manual not only teaches optimal taekwondo technique but emphasizes visualization, balance, and overall well-being to enhance athletic abilities, fusing the physical and philosophical components of the art. Also included is an introduction to reflexology theory, teaching basic techniques to help taekwondo practitioners relax and self-treat common muscle aches and pains. Seventy black-and-white photographs and diagrams illustrate each of the movements and techniques described.