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Taekwondo Textbook
by the Kukkiwon
(Altenative covers)

The Textbook of Taekwondo Poomsae
by the Kukkiwon

The Book of Teaching & Learning Taekwondo
by the WTF

Modern Taekwondo at the Olympics
by Grand Master Soon Man Lee

Modern Taekwondo:
The Official Training Manual

by Soon Man Lee

Tae Kwon Do: The Ultimate Reference Guide to the World's
Most Popular Martial Art

by Yeon Hwan Park

Kuk-Ki Taekwondo Text Book
by Kukkiwon
(Note: this book wasnt included in the survey)
Kukkiwon / WTF Endorsed Books

The following list is of Taekwondo books, approved or endorsed by the WTF or the Kukkiwon. As some books are officially endorsed by an organisation, they were not included in the main survey for fairness.

The survey rates books according to their value (in terms of information) and differs from Amazon's top 100 lists, which lists the 'Best Sellers' as opposed to the 'Best Books', as cheaper books often sell more than more expensive ones, but in actuality are a false economy.

To find out more about a book listed here or to order a book from this site click
on its cover (see note regarding Amazons below). For the top 30 (non-endorsed) Kukkiwon / WTF books, please click the link at the side.

Click a book cover to read more about the book or order it via Amazon or another web site.

This list is linked to
Amazon UK (with the exception of books that cannot be purchased via that site, so have alternative links). To view the list thats linked to your closest Amazon, please click one of the options below.
The following are books are endorsed by either the
Kukkiwon or the WTF
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