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The following are books on Patterns or Poomsae
Realistic Applications
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Pattern / Poomsae Application Books

The following list is of Tae Kwon Do books that cover the application of Patterns (tul), Poomsae, Hyung or Forms in a more realistic sense.

The survey rates books according to their value (in terms of information) and differs from Amazon's top 100 lists, which lists the 'Best Sellers' as opposed to the 'Best Books', as cheaper books often sell more than more expensive ones, but in actuality are a false economy.

These books formed part of the survey, but are listed here as 'alternatives' to the standard applicaions for patterns/forms/poomsae often given.

To find out more about a book listed here or to order a book from this site click on its cover or title (see note regarding Amazons below).

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The books in this last section (below) are ITF / Ch'ang Hon related, but didnt make it into the survey this time (as we didn't now about them at the time or they were not released then), but they will be in future surveys.